Air Distribution Grilles, Louvres and Diffusers

Air Diffusion

Air DiffusionWe can supply extensive range of Air Diffusion products including Grilles, Louvres and Diffusers al of which are available to satisfy almost every wall or ceiling grille application.

Grilles Range SD, DD, EC, PG, G45, NVG, NB, GN WB & GE

Computer Room Floor GrillesThese short codes refer to our grilles range from which grilles can be selected for best purpose in conventional air distribution or ventilation systems. The grille range is ideal for use in both supply air and extract systems. The range includes curved blade ceiling mounted grilles, single and double deflection grilles, egg crate grilles, perforated core grilles, fixed blade grilles, non vision grilles, narrow or wide blade bar grilles and more.

Curved Blade Grilles CB, SD, DD & G45

E-Series-Curved-Blade-GrilleThe E Series range of aluminium Curved Blade CB Model grille equiv diffusers have been designed to provide an attractive and flexible solution to a wide variety of air distribution requirements. With a wide variety of air patterns available, together with either fixed or adjustable blade patterns, the range can be matched to most building environments, in supply air applications. the short codes above refer to our equivalent model range for various applications.

Supply Air Grilles G Series SD, DD & G45

G Series Supply Air GrillesOur G Series range of Supply Air Grilles are available in both Single Deflection SD Model short code and Double Deflection DD Model short code configuration.

With three standard frames and three styles of core, the range provides a flexible group of side wall grilles to meet most functional and installation requirements.

Return Air Grilles G Series EC & G45

G Series Return Air GrilleOur Return Air Grilles EC and G45 code Models have been designed to complement our Supply Diffusers for both side wall and ceiling applications. These include the popular Egg Crate EC Model Short code style. The range is available in a wide variety of styles and sizes to suit individual application requirements.

Linear Bar Grilles T Series NB, WB, GN & GW

Linear Bar Grilles T SeriesWe have a comprehensive range of Linear Bar Grilles for supply and return air. These linear bar grilles are suitable for incorporation in ceiling, sidewall, cill and floor applications. The range includes a wide variety of frames and core styles referenced by our codes for linear bar grilles NB, WB, GN and GW. The grilles will co-ordinate with most building environments and provide an aesthetic and cost effective solution to the air distribution requirements.

Transfer Grilles & Narrow Transfer Grilles NTG & NVG

Transfer Grille G SeriesWithin our range of Transfer Grilles, there are three designs of frame and four styles of core providing flexibility of installation, choice of appearance and functionality. These include Non Visual Grilles NVG and Narrow Transfer Grilles NTG. In its most simplest format, one of the three steel cores can be supplied loose for beading into the aperture, alternatively the core can be supplied with a ‘U’ channel panel frame.

Fire Block & Press Steel Grilles

We are able to provide a full range of Fire Block and Press Steel Grilles.