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Wind Catchers

A New Era In Air Management

GreenaireIn the last few years there has been a growing demand from Architects, Designers and Building Consultants for more environmentally friendly air management systems.

With the requirement to comply with Part L and the ever increasing wish to reduce the carbon footprint of day to day facilities usage, JPR Services have launched greenaire to help make all the options available to you, explain the benefits of the systems and provide you with the level of advice that need.

Wind Catchers

Wind Catchers and Wind Driven Ventilation Systems offer the best in Natural Ventilation by harnessing the natural movement of the air around us.The design of the Wind Catcher is such that it can capture the air movement and with the use of a controlled damper system, is able to transfer this air directly to through the grille assembly below.

Solar Powered Air Fans

We can also provide a Solar Driven Fan System to boost the air movement through the Wind Catcher if additional air volume is required. The Solar Driven Fan Assemblies can also be used to provide an eco exhaust air system.

Wind Catcher Air Quality

Because all the air provided through the roof mounted Wind Catchers is drawn in from such a height, the air is generally of a higher quality than that provided through low level ventilation. The air has a tendency to be cleaner and fresher with lower levels of contamination and exhaust pollutants.

Grille Options

There are various options available to suit your structural and environmental circumstances. Egg Crate Grilles can be mounted in the ceiling below to Wind Catcher assembly to provide the air movement within the facility. It is also possible to mount Linear Bar Grilles in the wall should that be more appropriate. The combination of grilles and ducting is entirely adaptable to suit your personal requirements.

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