Air Distribution Grilles, Louvres and Diffusers

Security Grilles G Series

The G Series Security Grilles range of Return Air Grilles has been designed to complement our Supply Diffusers for both side wall and ceiling applications. The construction of the unit is robust and of a very high quality. The security grille range is available in a wide variety of styles and sizes to suit individual application requirements. They are particularly suitable for Police Cells, Magistrates Courts, Prisons and Detention Centres, where the tamperproof and vandal proof features come into their prime.

With three standard frames and four styles of core, the range provides a flexible group of grilles to meet most functional and installation requirements. the core is manufactured from 3mm mild steel with a perforated plate with 3mm diameter holes. The grille can be supplied with an opposed blade volume control damper, adjustable by means of a allen key through the face plates 4.5mm access port.

Options for Security Grilles

The security grilles can be supplied with a galvanised steel sleeve and plenum box, suitable for fixing through a compartment wall or ceiling. Another feature of our security grilles is the ability to order the grille with a pre made camera access hole (available on side entry spigot only).

Grilles utilising our ‘B’ style frame have integral cores which are retained by spring clips on the rear of the extrusion, whilst the ‘H’ style houses the core in a U channel panel frame, removable from the face and allowing access to the duct without having to remove the whole grille.

Security Grilles G Series

Security Grilles G Series

Security Grilles Brochure

Security Grilles Brochure .PDF