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Louvre Face Diffuser

S Series Louvre Face Diffuser

The S series aluminium louvre face diffuser range has been designed to give an attractive appearance combined with excellent air distribution characteristics. The range is available in a wide variety of styles and sizes and can be used for both supply and extract applications.

Six standard sizes are produced with square neck connections and all sizes can accommodate adaptors to suit circular neck requirements.

Each style of diffuser is manufactured to a high quality,with construction of mitred and welded corners providing maximum strength and rigidity.

Balancing dampers adjustable from the face of the diffuser are available for all sizes.Plenum boxes fitted with mono-blade balancing dampers can also be provided.

Louvre Face Diffuser Core Styles

Core Styles are available for 1 way, 2 way opposite, 2 way corner, 3 way and 4 way air patterns as illustrated below. Although supported by a safety chain all cores are easily removed without the use of special tools.

They can be interchanged between similar sized diffusers and re-arranged to suit new air pattern requirements. In addition, to maintain a uniform 4 way appearance, rear baffles can be supplied to give any combination of air pattern.

For more information on this model, please view our fully detailed brochure.

Louvre Face Diffuser 3way

Louvre Face Diffuser 3way

Louvre Face Diffuser 3way

Louvre Face Diffuser 3way

Louvre Face Diffuser Brochure

Louvre Face Diffuser Brochure .PDF