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Heavy Duty Floor Grilles

Our Heavy Duty Floor Grilles often referred to as heavy duty application HDA grilles or TJH, have been designed to meet the industry requirements for heavy load specifications. As many buildings and commercial infrastructures are now installing raised floors, Heavy Duty Panel Floor Grilles are becoming an everyday requirement.

These floor grilles are designed as a tile replacement grille, making it ideal for use in areas such as Offices, Computer Rooms, Telephone Rooms and Call Centres, Universities, Research Institutes and other such environments where a heavy load or high traffic is anticipated.

Design of Heavy Duty Floor Grilles

They have been designed with aesthetics and efficiency in mind, making them both pleasing to the eye and highly efficient in their day to day task of distributing air. Their design also makes it easy to install them at the optimal location, allowing cool air to be delivered in the correct volumes to ensure adequate cooling of equipment. This can ultimately lead to a reduction in equipment failure caused by excessive temperatures.

The heavy duty panel floor grilles are suitable for both the delivery of supply air and the extraction of return air. They can be fitted with an optional opposed blade damper for volume control. The damper can also be adjusted through the face of the panel.

Heavy Duty Floor Grilles

Heavy Duty Floor Grilles

Heavy Duty Floor Grilles Brochure

Heavy Duty Floor Grilles Brochure .PDF

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